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Stout Heart, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit incorporated in January, 2018. Our mission is to obtain charitable financing to support Cameron Stout’s public speaking about his inspiring journey through a major depressive episode in 2013. Cam, a practicing lawyer and mediator who recently marked six years of sobriety, has joined the growing fight to tear down the wall of stigma that hides mental illness and addiction in isolation and shame. Cam’s talks nurture courage and hope for resilient recovery, especially in teens and young adults challenged by mental illness and addiction issues.

Cam leads by example, giving others the strength to be open, and to get early diagnosis and treatment if needed. Cam urges people to recruit a SEAL (Supportive, Energizing And Loving) Team of friends, mentors and care-givers. We all need a safe place to tell our stories without judgment, while giving our peers and loved ones the strength and courage to share their own.


  • One in five US adults lives with a mental health condition.

  • 21% of teens experience a severe mental disorder at some point.

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college-age youth, and the third cause of death for adolescents.

  • Only 35% of folks aged 18-25 receive treatment.


  • Early diagnosis and treatment hold out so much promise.

  • All of us can link arms to rise above stigma.

  • Daily exercise is at least as effective as medication.

  • We can build the foundations of self-care and mindful resilience.

  • We will organize SEAL Teams to have each others’ backs.

BECOME A STOUT HEART HERO:                                                             

  • Help us to identify and present on a pro bono basis to new audiences including first responders, veterans, etc.

Please consider contributing funds to help us continue to:

  • Reach and inspire high school, college and grad students to shed the mantle of shame and get help.

  • Design and implement formal mentoring and support structures in academic institutions and other organizations;

  • Build our team by adding a part-time staff member for research and administration work.

How To Donate

Donations Can Be Made Via Credit Card or PayPal By Clicking Below.